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The installation file will be downloaded to your Windows "Downloads" folder. Double click the downloaded file to begin the installation. A "License Key" is required for the installation to proceed. Use the license key provided near the link or contact FAMware Sales.
(Removal: To remove the software double click the downloaded installation file again to launch the uninstall option, or Use Windows Control Panel. Follow the prompts. You may also want to remove related data at C:\FAMware\FwXXX.)

Family Budget (2018). This program's primary focus is on creating a monthly budget with categories and budget items for both income and outgo, and a monthly routine (cycle) of analyzing spending, comparing budget to actual, and revising budget amounts as needed until you are comfortable using it to prepare a long term spending plan. You can also use FwFB to track asset and liability amounts to calculate your net worth. More Info Download FwFB
  Key:  Fw   20181  FB  7213564

Budget Spreadsheet(2019). Manage your budget using a spreadsheet. Create a budget choosing one of many built-in Templates (e.g., Single, Married, Retired, Custom, import from FwFB, etc.) Customize your budget spreadsheet into a "spending plan", looking forward 12 months. Includes many other features, including calculating net pay after taxes for one or more jobs. More Info Download FwBS
  Key:  Fw   20191  BS  7213564

Family Savings Forecaster(2017). Save for the future. Calculates amount needed to save each month to reach a target savings balance based on interest rate and months to save. Produces month to month forecast schedule.Includes acceleration features and "what-if" analysis. More Info
Download FwFSF
  Key:  Fw   20171  FSF  7213564

Family Loan Calculator(2017). Get out of debt. Calculates monthly payment based on loan amount, interest rate, and months to repay. Produces amortization schedule.Includes loan repayment acceleration features and "what-if" anlaysis. More Info
Download FwFLC
  Key:  Fw   20172  FLC  7213564

Family Home Inventory(2017). Keep track of your "stuff". Fun interface uses simple drag and drop feature to organize property to match your house with your floors, spaces, and rooms. Add property items including name, description, acquisition date, value, photo, and planned disposition. Produce inventory reports (including photos). More Info
Download FwFHI
  Key:  Fw   20173  FHI  7213564

Family Decisions (2017). Make better decisions. Uses the weighted point rating system to calculate the best alternative based on your decision criteria. Archive decisions for future reference. More Info
Download FwFD
  Key:  Fw   20174  FD  7213564

Message of the Day (2017). Displays a new message(e.g., "Tip of the Day", Quote, etc.) each time it runs. More Info
Download FwMOTD
  Key:  Fw   20175  MOTD  7213564

Family Finances(2017). Contains personal and family financial management tools. Features a complete budgeting system, savings and loan calculators, home inventory, decision making, credit card management, balancing the checkbook, tips for financial marital problems, and more. Great for learning how to set up and balance a budget and follow the budget cycle. More Info Download FwFF
  Key:  Fw   20176  FF  7213564

Family History Lite(2017). a basic genealogy system for beginners or others who may want fewer features starting out. It has everything you need to get started. Produces a Pedigree Chart, Family Group Sheet, Family Photo Album, Birthday List, and Database Index. This LITE version is subset of the FAMware Bundled packages and can be easily upgraded to Family History Bundle at a later date with no loss of data. More Info Download FwFHL
  Key:  Fw   20177  FHL  7213564

Family Recipe Box(2019). To build a repository of family recipes. Provides easy-to-use dialogs to help you enter recipes and share them. Name the recipe. Select and add ingredients. Enter directions (paragraph or step-by-step format). Add preparation time, cook time, and servings. Include comments (such as source) and other explanations. Include food images. More Info Download FwFRB
  Key:  Fw  20192  FRB  7213564

Family Chores(2019). Create chores and assign them to family members. Print chores Lists. Associate images. It organizes tasks that need to be done in the home and helps you divide responsibilities between family members. Similar to a to-do list but for chores. When children learn to help out around the house the quality of family life improves. More Info Download FwFC
  Key:  Fw  20193  FC  7213564

Family Grocery List(2019). Create shopping Items and associate them with Stores. Print Grocery Lists. Associate Images. Identify grocery items that you purchase on a weekly or monthly basis and organize by category (e.g., dairy, produce, etc.). Then, associate your items with the locations where you normally purchase them. More Info Download FwFGL
  Key:  Fw  20194  FGL  7213564

Birthdays Reminder(2019). Handy "days until birthday" list sorted soonest to farthest away. Never forget another birthday. Easy to add a friend or relative. Have all the information you need immediately at your fingertips. More Info Download FwBDR
  Key:  Fw  20195  BDR  7213564

Family Projects(2019). Use this program to manage multiple projects around the home (or anyplace really). Add the project name, work group names, and names for each work item. Enter Unit Costs, Quantities, and Overhead amounts. Calculates total project cost. More Info Download FwFP
  Key:  Fw  20196  FP  7213564

Family History Bundle(2018). Enter your genealogy data into your own private database. Capture photos.Produce "wonderful" reports. Preserve your family history. This product is equivalent to FwFSB. You will download FwFSB and, after it is installed and up and running, you can configure it to FwFHB via the Preferences Main tab. More Info Download FwFHB (same as FwFSB below)
  Key:  Fw  20181  FHB  7213564

Family Finances Bundle(2018). Includes everything in our Family Finances package but is configurable, letting you choose other FSB features to include. This product is equivalent to FwFSB. You will download FwFSB and, after it is installed and up and running, you can configure it to FwFFB via the Preferences Main tab. More Info Download FwFFB (same as FwFSB below)
  Key:  Fw  20182  FFB  7213564

Family Tools Bundle(2018). Includes all of the software tools in our Family Software Bundle package including Family Calendar, Address Book, To-Do List, Event Organizer, Photo Album, and more! This product is equivalent to FwFSB. You will download FwFSB and, after it is installed and up and running, you can configure it to FwFTB via the Preferences Main tab. More Info Download FwFTB (same as FwFSB below)
  Key:  Fw  20183  FTB  7213564

Family Software Bundle(2018). Provides a full toolbar, menu, and bundle pane containing all of our Family Finances, Family History, as Family Tools Bundle features, as well as Family Chores, Family Grocery List, and Family Recipe Box. More Info

(Note: You only need to download FwFSB once, regardless of the configuration you choose. FwFHB = FwFFB = FwFTB = FwFSB.)
Download FwFSB (same as FHB/FHB/FTB above)
  Key:  Fw  20184  FSB  7213564

FAMware Package Launcher(2018).
Contains the installation files necessary to install all of the software products in FwFSB, and FPL's Main Window serves as a Launch Pad. More Info

See Package Map for packages included in FPL.
Download FwFPL
  Key:  Fw  20185  FPL  7213564

Security Concerns:

The installation and software files are executables (.exe) so you may experience warnings by Windows, your browser, or your security or anti-virus software. But, these files are safe if downloaded from this website.