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This package, FAMILY HISTORY LITE, is a basic genealogy system for beginners or others who may want fewer features starting out. This LITE version is subset of the FAMware Bundled packages and can be easily upgraded at a later date.


  • It has everything you need to get started. Produces a Pedigree Chart, Family Group Sheet, Family Photo Album, Birthday List, and Database Index.
  • Easy to use dialog boxes, controls, and entry screens are provided for capturing all of your genealogical information into your own database, including notes, comments, and necessary explanations.
  • Record sources from supporting documents such census data, birth, marriage, and death certificates, and biographical sketches.
  • Attach family photographs.
  • Link relatives together using the Family Constructor Window (and Batch Update feature).
  • Also Included:
    • Fully functioning Data Entry Window and dialog boxes
    • Several basic genealogical reports (listed above)
    • Fully functioning TreeView and ListView panes show ancestors and descendants at a click of the mouse
    • Fully functioning Help screens explain every aspect of the full program
    • Photos and Family Photo report.
    • East to learn and use, this is a great way for any family to start building a family tree.
  • Desktop Software For Windows (tablets, notebooks, laptops, PCs; is not a phone app)

Note: This product (FwFHL) is considered a trial version of Family History Bundle (FwFHB or FwFSB). You can upgrade to FwFHB whenever your feel ready. FwFHB will replace FwFHL when it is installed and use the same database that you've started with FwFHL. (Note: FwFHL cannot be installed if FwFHB is already installed.)

See Recording Genealogy

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  • Download and run the installation file FwFHLSetup.exe
  • Enter the License Key when prompted  (key is obtained from an email that will be sent to you by MyCommerce upon order completion)
  • Once installed, click the Family History Lite icon on your desktop to launch the program
  • Click the Help button and select Tutorials to learn how to use the software
  • When ready upgrade to the full system by clicking here:  Add FHB to Cart
Security Concerns:

The installation and software files are executables (.exe) so you may experience warnings by Windows, your browser, or your security or anti-virus software. But, these files are safe. You can ignore such warnings, if any.

Family Constructor Window