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FAMware Base of Operations:
    Salt Lake City, Utah

Email (product questions, before ordering):
    Sales  atsign  FAMware  dot  com

Email (technical support questions, after ordering):
    Support  atsign  FAMware  dot  com

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Family Software She coined the name FAMware.

Family Software He wrote the software.

About FAMware:

FAMware (i.e. FAMily software) has been doing business part time since 1981. We started in St. Louis, Missouri, with PCDOS 1.0, and wrote the very first genealogy software package for the IBM PC. Our mission from the beginning has been to benefit our country and mankind by providing family oriented software products. We moved to Utah in 1982 and have released dozens of software products over the past 40 years. We are a time tested and "trusted" software provider (see logo at bottom). Our "classic" products were targeted for the Windows platforms, for PC desktops, laptops, tablets, and notebooks, written in C++, C#, and Visual Basic. This platform is still in effect today and is found in millions of software products worldwide, in business, education, family and personal software. Our Latest Software Products are being developed for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to run on Windows 10.

Free Software:

After 40 years we've decided to practice a little philanthropy (in our old age) by providing our classic (legacy) software products free of charge. Visit our Free Downloads Page to see products ready for download. We have also updated our product information pages on this web site to provide a more complete picture of what products do.

To obtain one of our free products click the download arrow on the downloads page. The installation file for the product you click will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on your PC. Use the license key provided below the link or contact FAMware Sales (see email at left) for the license key. Give us the acronym of the product (e.g., FwFHI, etc.), your name, and the country you live in. We will email the license key. Once received, double click the downloaded file to begin the installation and enter the key when prompted.

Note: Technical support will be limited for free software. There will be no further upgrades (newer versions) of these products. However, no "bugs" have been reported so you should expect the software to work fine, as is, for the foreseeable future.

Also, a reminder that our licenses are to use our software; not to own it. You are not permitted to give copies to others nor to sell nor distribute installation files nor licenses. If you are a church, not for profit, educational (e.g, high school teacher, etc.), or charitable institution, permission for multiple installations can be obtained from FAMware upon request, and is encouraged. Businesses may also request multiple installation licenses if it is for in-house use. Our legacy software requires Windows version Vista, 7, 8, or 10, and a Desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook, or Tablet.