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FAMILY DECISIONS provides an objective way to analyze something subjective, to choose the best alternative or course of action.


Note: This product (FwFD) is also included in Family Finances (FwFF) and Family Software Bundle (FwFSB).

See Making a Decision

< - - Click for example of choosing from 3 alternatives using 3 criteria.

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To Downloads Page

Excerpts from FwFD Help System:


[ADD]  Name and Add a new Decision
[REMOVE]  Click on a decision then click [Remove] to permanently delete it from the current list (Hint: if you want to remember it use Archive from the File menu rather than Remove)
[RENAME]  Click on a decision then click [Rename] to give it a different name (Note: You cannot change case, only wording)
[CRITERIA]  Click on a decision then click [Criteria] to display the Criteria Window
[ALTERNATIVES]  Click on a decision then click [Alternatives] to display the Alternatives Window
[DISPLAY ALL]  Without anything checked clicking this button will display all current decisions with their alternatives and ratings First clicking one or more decisions will limit the display to just those decisions which are selected
[CLEAR]  Unchecks every decision that was checked
[SAVE]  Saves the set of current decisions and any decisions in the Archive Note: You do not need to check Save. Everything is saved automatically when you exit the program. Click if you just want peace of mind after entering a lot of data.
[HELP]  Displays the main Overview window
[OK]  Exits this program

Quick Look

The next few paragraphs provide a vision of what the program does.
Identify the decision you wish to make and click [Add] to give it a name, for example:

List the choices you could make (the alternatives), for example:

List the criteria you will use to make your decision, for example:

Give a weighting to your criteria (on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is each, 10 being most important), for example:

The percentage of each criterion weighting is calculated automatically and adds to 100%, for example:
As you can see from the above, Low Travel Cost and Short Travel Time are the most important considerations.

The next step is to rate each alternative using the criteria you have selected. One a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest) how would you rate this alternative, for example:
As you can see from this example, the Disneyland destination rates high for being close to friends and family.

The next step is to calculate and display the best alternative, for example:
This program uses the weightings and ratings to calculate a Weighted Point Rating for each alternative.
The best alternative, based on the criteria weightings and ratings by criteria for each alternative, is Six Flags.

Use this program to track multiple decision, for example:
The alternative with the best overall rating is listed at the bottom of each decision as the *** recommended *** decision.

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