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Family Finances (FwFF) is a collection of personal and family financial tools including budgeting. Great for learning how to set up and balance a budget, and how to follow the budget cycle.


  • Includes built-in and user defined budget categories.
  • FwFF includes balancing the checkbook, managing credit cards, calculating net worth, and tips on how marriage partners can stop fighting about money.
  • FwFF includes these stand-alone products:
    • Family Savings Forecaster ( FwFSF )
    • Family Loan Calculator ( FwFLC )
    • Family Home Inventory ( FwFHI )
    • Family Decisions ( FwFD )
    • Family Message of the Day ( FwMOTD )
  • Note: Family Finances includes the same features as in FwFB so that stand-alone package is not packaged with FwFF.
  • Family Finances (FwFF) is different than the Family Finances Bundle (FwFFB) package in that Finance Finances (this package) only contains finance related software tools and modules (no genealogy).
  • Also see Family Finances Bundle for a detailed look at some of the features.
  • Windows Desktop Software (Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks, PCs; is not a phone app)

The bundled product, FwFFB, is equivalent to Family Software Bundle (FwFSB) when FwFSB is configured as FwFFB via one setting on the Preferences Main tab.

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