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FAMILY FINANCES contains personal and family financial management tools. Features a complete budgeting system, savings and loan calculators, home inventory, decision making, credit card management, balancing the checkbook, tips for financial marital problems, and more. Great for learning how to set up and balance a budget and follow the budget cycle.


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FwFF Overview:

< - - Helps you follow the Budget Cycle.

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FwFF Main Window:

FwFF Features (continued):

Reconcile Your Checkbook

Enter current bank balance (from bank statement or online access) and outstanding checks and deposits (from check register or carbon copies -- these haven't yet cleared the bank). The program calculates your actual checkbook balance. Why do it long-hand when you have a computer?

Enter what's cleared the bank, then enter outstanding checks and deposits. See real checkbook balance below.

Pay Off Your Credit Cards

Pay off one credit card then add that payment to the next card. Family Finances will help you select which cards to focus on first, then second, then third, etc., to minimize your out-of-pocket interest costs.

Credit Card Monthly Payment Monthly Payment Monthly
$100 $100 paid
$100 $100 $200 paid
$100 $100 $100 $300 $300 paid

Quit Fighting About Money

Calculate Your Net Worth

What is your net worth now? What will it be when you retire? What would it be now for your surviving spouse? What would it be in retirement for your surviving spouse? What will it be 10 years from now? What will it be 20 years from now? Family Finances facilitates all of these calculations.

Now Now Survivor Forecasted (10 years) Forecasted (20 yrs) Retired Retired Survivor
ASSETS $200,000 $200,000 $220,000 $250,000 $350,000 $400,000
LIABILITIES -$180,000 -$80,000 -$150,000 -$120,000 $0 $0
NET WORTH $20,000 $120,000 $70,000 $130,000 $350,000 $400,000


Plan for Retirement

Planning Scenarios:

Now Current budget with both spouses working
Retired Estimated budget when both spouses retire
Survivor Now Current budget with one spouse deceased
Survivor Retired Estimated budget in retirement with one suriving spouse.

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