FwMOTD® Message of the Day

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Displays a new message (e.g., "Tip of the Day", Quote, etc.) each time it runs.


  • Chose from over 10 built-in subjects ("Famous Quotes", "Scriptures", etc.)
    • Scriptures categories are only shown if you choose a religious preference
  • Add your own To-Do's, Goals, Thoughts, Diary Entry, etc., to the "My Messages" category.
  • (Optional) Set up daily display event using Windows Task Scheduler; instructions included.

How To Get FwMOTD

  • Buy Now, Pay Now: Click the "Pay Now" link below and you will be taken to an Order Page where you can specify payment method and download this software product.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Simply click the "Try it for Free" link below to download the installation file (see steps below).

Note: This product (FwMOTD) is also included in Family Finances (FwFF) and Family Software Bundle (FwFSB). There is no need to buy FwMOTD stand-alone if you are using or ordering one of these products.

Add to Cart (Pay Now)
  • Click the above link to both purchase and download through our MyCommerce Order Page
  • If you already have the trial product installed, click the above link to make payment.

Try it for Free (download now, pay later)

  • Click the above link to download the installation file
    • Install to a PC, Laptop, Notebook or Tablet running Windows
    • This is not a phone app
  • Click the down arrow next to Save and select Save As
  • Select Desktop or another download folder of your choosing
  • Once downloaded, open the folder and double-click FwMOTDSetup.exe to begin installation
    • Note: Once installed you can delete this file.
  • Enter this Trial License Key when prompted:   Fw    20179    MOTD    5243167
  • Once installed, click the Family Message of the Day icon on your desktop to launch the program
  • Click Options to select a different subject category
  • Click the Help button to learn more about how to use the software and add your own messages
  • If you decide to keep the software return to this page and click Pay Now (above) and make payment
  • After making payment there is no need to download anything nor install FwMOTD again
    • Take up to 30 days to decide if you want to keep it
    • This is based on the honor system (the trial software will not expire automatically)
    • If you decide to keep it, pay; if not, use Windows Control Panel to uninstall it
    • Or, you can run FwMOTDSetup.exe again to uninstall before deleting this file.
Security Concerns:

The installation and software files are executables (.exe) so you may experience warnings by Windows, your browser, or your security or anti-virus software. But, these files are safe. You can ignore such warnings, if any.

FwMOTD Famous Quote #71