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This program ORGANIZES INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LIFE and helps you monitor progress and log improvements. It provides a REPOSITORY of life data which is saved in your own private database (password protected). My Life is organized into more than 60+ categories/features (viz., personality, character traits, skills inventory, goals progress, memories, photos, financial affairs and planning, important documents, "bucket list", work history, self diagnostics, helpful reports, and much much more). Add/update data throughout your life. When you grow older and memory starts to slip, you'll be glad you kept this information up to date, and your successors will appreciate your preparation. With features for all ages you can start using this program at any stage of life. It is a wonderful way to manage current life issues and to look back at your life to date to see who you are, how you are doing, capture memories, and get your affairs in order. Includes Help screens and Sample Data for every feature. Order today!

This product is new . . . Released Memorial Day 2021

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Get Fw My Life through Microsoft Store

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